Who Knew?

by Scott Wells

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I wanted to write a Bakersfield-style "somebody done somebody wrong song". So I did.


We used to talk all hours, all hours of the night,
We used to laugh and smile, 'til the morning light,
Until you went and found, found somebody new,
And left me here to cry, all alone in midnight blue;

You used to tell me secrets, that you knew I'd keep,
I used to tell you all about, what wouldn't let me sleep,
But now you whisper words, all your words to someone else,
And I'm here wide awake, wide awake and by myself;

Who knew,
Second best could feel so bad,
Why'd you,
Have to go and leave me sad,
So blue,
How could you treat me this poor,
Still I'm,
Waiting by the open door;

One day, lo and behold, you came walking back,
I made the choice to cut you, a little bit of slack,
It must have been too much, 'cause now you're gone (again)
You left me here to wonder, what I did t'was wrong,

Now tell me did you love me, sure feels like you lied,
You used my heart to dry, all those tears you cried,
And when those tears ran out, I guess so did my use,
And so you chose to cut me, cut me and my poor heart loose;

Who knew,
Second best could feel so bad,
You knew,
You'd leave me lone and sad,
'Cause you'd,
Gone and done it once before,
So I'm,
Finally closin' up this door
And I'm,
Making sure to lock this door,
So you,
Won't be botherin' me no more.


released July 20, 2017
Written / Recorded by Scott E. Wells



all rights reserved


Scott Wells Fargo, North Dakota

Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, Scott's lyrics are heavily influenced by the story tellers his Dad listened to on their many road trips to their favorite fishing destinations. Scott currently resides and records in Fargo, North Dakota.

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